Make Your Client Deadlines

Introducing Kiick

If you’ve been looking for a way to add speed and agility to your operations, Kiick is here. Automate your workflow – your clients, your work, your way.

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Efficient operations grow business

Kiick helps busy companies hit their deadlines, track projects, manage individual efforts and daily to-do tasks, and schedule reoccurring client work with ease.

If you’ve been struggling to manage and grow your firm and maintain high service quality, our new workflow platform is for you.

Built for the modern professional firm, Kiick is recurring client management reimagined so you can delegate and grow with confidence.

Fix operational challenges

Crabby clients. Staff turnover. Dwindling profit margins. Sound familiar? Automation can make them a thing of the past.

With Kiick automated project management software, you design the workflow that works for you, with everyone on your team contributing to the effort. Kiick helps you get recurring client work done on time, every time.

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Move from chaos to clarity

Never miss a deadline with our automated due date system.

Stay one step ahead by seeing all work that is planned for the month, quarter, or year.

Easily making assignee, process, or service changes without disrupting your day-to-day workload.

See the areas where work is stuck, slow, and about to fall behind – to prioritize tasks that need attention.

Kiick delivers the features and functionality you need!

  • Standardize and delegate quickly and efficiently with the template builder
  • Identify and hit deadlines
  • Manage recurring client work
  • View and update projects so your whole team can see the progress
  • Run your firm with efficiency
  • Regain control for increased profits and the power to scale
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Is Kiick right for your company?

  • We don’t have a consistent process for everyone.
  • It’s hard to see where our teams get stuck.
  • We can’t easily add new ideas, efficiencies, or changes into our workflow.
  • I can’t tell what’s been planned for the future.
  • Team members aren’t aware of near term deadlines (and what projects are about to fall through the cracks).
  • Our project management system needs to be accessible from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Kiick: Built for teams with recurring client work and constant deadlines

If recurring client work is at your core, it’s time to automate to innovate. With Kiick, you’ll never go back to the manual mode of managing with spreadsheets, Post-It notes, and email. With a single view into everything that matters, Kiick offers you the chance to future-proof workflow with ease.

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Update client work any time, any where.

Exclusive to Kiick, view all planned work while being able to edit the way you work, making changes on the fly or scheduling them in the future.

Step 1
Edit your recurring projects
Step 2
Watch Kiick hop into gear
Step 3
Sit back and watch edits move into your client work.
Or, set the updates to start at a future date.